Campsite Labis Sunrise Farm

150-acre large orchard and car direct access to the campsite. 
Must visit place for the nature lover. Enjoy the fresh air and the scene of the pass-by train. 

Campers Information 营友需知

Check-In 入住时间 : 2:00 p.m.

Check Out 离开时间 : 11:00 a.m.

1.Bathroom 浴室 + Toilet 厕所 ( 10 units)

2.Sand Pool 沙池

3.Swimming Kid Pool 戏水池

4.Fishing Area 钓鱼区

5.Mini Zoo 小动物区

6.Swing 秋千

7.Power Supply 提供低压电源 ( 6pm – 10pm)

8.Basic 洗手台 (5 units)

9.Drinking Water Machine and Water Heater Toilet (3km distances from Farm Campsite) 


  1. Rent BBQ Area 租借烧烤区
  2. Rent Fishing Rod 租借钓鱼杆
  3. Fruit In Farm 营区水果

ADULT RM 30 (above 12 years old)
CHILDREN RM 20 (above 3 years old)
Free Of Charge 3 Years Old & Below

Recreation 娱乐设施

Facilities 设施

Camping Packages 露营配套

The deposit of RM 100 per tent must be paid when check-in. If there is no damage and keep clean of the tent and accessories. The deposit is fully refundable upon check out.
入住时每个帐篷需支付 RM 100 抵押金。入住期间, 帐篷及用具无损坏及保持整洁, 抵押金将在离开前全额退还。

Customers Memories

Things you Should Know

Package excludes 配套不包括:
  1. Travel Insurance 旅游保险
  2. Personal Consumption 个人消费
  3. Meal Not Included 不包括餐点
Above schedule will be changed according tour day weather and other unpredictable conditions. In order to protect the interest of passengers, our farm reserves the right to add or delete activities.
Our farm will charge a full payment deposit of the total amount to retain the date.
1.Non- refundable, the deposit can be kept until next use.
2.Reservation date can be change by contacting with us, before 7 days departure.
3.Customers can only change the dates of their booking once. 只能更改一次预定日期。
4.Customers Can Only Reschedule For The Same Or Higher Price.
1.Campers need clean the using space before leave.
2.This space must be keep clean at all time, please don’t throw rubbish and cigarette butts. 请保持露营区的整洁,勿乱丢垃圾及烟蒂. 
3.Please don’t wash dinnerware at wash room. 
4.Please take care your child’s safety, don’t leave children alone using our facilities.
营区内请家长注意儿童安全, 勿让孩童单独使用戏水池及其他设施, 如有意外发生,后果自行负责,本营区一概不理. 
5.Please don’t climb, pick flowers, vegetable and fruit in this farm. You may contact the PIC for purchases. 营区内禁止攀爬树木,未经过同意不可擅自采摘水果,蔬菜及花草,如有 需要可与负责人接洽. 
6.We will provided lower electricity, please don’t use for higher electrical appliances. 
营区内电源插座只提供小电補光之用, 勿使用任何高负载之电器 (电烤炉,电烤箱,电锅,气炸锅,冷气等……),以避免跳电与公共危险. 
7.Please keep clean after using the public space.
使用营区内的共用空间桌椅及设施时,请离开前恢复原来的样子及保持整洁, 方便下个使用者,
8.Campers need parked the car in parking lot.
9.Please do not destroy or take away the items, facilities and grassland in the camp area without authorization. If there is any of the above accidents, you need to compensate for the loss at the original price.
10.Please throw the charcoal ash into the trash after cooling to avoid fire hazard.
11.Please keep your voice down and speak softly after 10pm.
12.Please take care of you pets and clean up their excrement.